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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  What an exciting time in your life, but probably a scary time as well. Expecting parents have many fears and concerns, along with the joy and


Childbirth classes are a way to help you with
your fears, so that you can leave classes not
as scared as you came. Even though childbirth
is a normal, healthy process, there are many
negative messages in the American culture that might really be scaring you.

There are plenty of pregnancy-related shows on television, but these versions of labor and delivery are edited for time and content – the reality of childbirth does not quite mirror the small screen's portrayals. The Internet is packed with information (often inaccurate) about birth and infant care, and bookstores are overrun with books of the same.

While it could be argued that between all of these sources you could get a passable education about childbirth, absorbing information on your own and having an experienced childbirth educator teach you in an organized way are very different.

A childbirth class is not just for couples who are planning to have an unmedicated birth – in fact, it's quite the opposite.

You'll learn all about: 

  • Stages of Labor and the Birth Process
  • Breathing and Relaxation
  • Comfort Measures & Labor Coping Skills
  • What to Expect
  • Coaching & the Role of the Labor Companion
  • Technology, Medication & Cesarean Birth
  • Breastfeeding, Postpartum & Baby Care 
Childbirth is a very big day in the life of a family. You remember it for the rest of your life. Get ready for your big day with quality childbirth classes from a childbirth education veteran who really loves this stuff!  


Planning on an epidural?

Planning to have an epidural in labor does
mean you don't need a birth class!  How
will you 
before it is medically advisable
for you to
have an epidural? What if you
arrive at the
hospital too far advanced in your
labor to receive
one?  Learn how to work with
an epidural to
minimize potential side effects 
and have the best 
outcome.  Besides, birth
classes cover many more
topics beyond
medications, see the "Class Topics"

Everyone, regardless of your plans to have a
or medicated birth, needs to prepare for
Mother Nature may have in mind for
you.  Come to 
class and learn how to cope with
the most challenging 
yet rewarding day of your

A new class begins every month, on either a
Monday or Tuesday night.  We begin at 7pm
and end at 9pm.  The classes are held in my 
home in East Ventura, near Toys R Us.


Here is a well written Australian article titled
9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Independent
Birth Education
So you’re pregnant, want the
very best birth for you and your baby and want to
get your hands on as much information as possible!
So, here’s 9 great reasons why independent
childbirth education is going to help give you the

best chance possible at the most
experience.  Why
should you choose
education? Because...  

Call Lilly at (805) 647-6633 or
Email to

All the photos on this page are
former students and/or their babies.

Class Fees:  The fee for the group class is $125.   A $25 deposit reserves your space in class. The additional $100 can be paid in full on the first night, or you can pay $50 on the first night and $50 at the fourth class. You can pay with a check or cash or use your credit card through PayPal, go to and use this email:

Private Childbirth Classes Do you need scheduling flexibility or would you prefer not to be in a group setting? Private classes might be perfect for you. Choose the full six week series for $600 or only a few classes at $125 per class. Classes can be scheduled at a time convenient for you, and your own personal concerns can be discussed. See the "Class Topics" page to choose the classes of most interest to you, and custom classes that best meet your own needs can be designed.  You can pay the usual ways or use your credit card through

Drop-in Childbirth Classes  Can't commit to the full six week series? If your work schedule or due date would prevent you from attending all six classes in the group series, you can attend the group class when it works out for you on a week by week or drop-in basis.  You must notify me by phone or email no later than 4pm on the day of the class, so that I can have a set of the class materials and seating ready for you when you come.  You can pay-as-you-go with drop-in classes at $25 per class.  Call or email to inquire about the class topics each week, or see the "Class Topics" page. (Dates for drop-in classes are noted in purple print.)   Remember, prior notice of your attendance is required for drop-in classes.

The Crash Course:  Crash Course - a limited program (call to check on availability) is the Crash Course.  This program consists of a commercially produced childbirth education DVD plus a number of childbirth education magazines and one workbook.  You purchase this program and keep everything.  If you have only a few weeks left or the pick up / drop off of the video program would be a hassle, this program is best for you.  The fee for the Crash Course is $40.


I began teaching in 1987 after certifying with the AAHCC (Bradley), but I have not been
associated with that organization for a long time. I am a big fan of Penny Simkin. I stress abdominal breathing over breathing patterns. My classes stress beginning with the natural things, like walking, showering, and position changes plus many other comfort measures.

If you do not get the results you need from the natural tools, then the more medical tools are appropriate. I teach how to be politely assertive and how to make informed choices. Click on the FAQs, Class TopicsLamaze Healthy Birth and/or Comments buttons above for much more information. Please call 805 647-6633 or email to  for any additional information or to register.

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